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1800 -- Death of Thomas Waley, one of the last Hell Fire Club leaders. Napoleon comes to power, allegedly through Illuminati manipulation.

1800 United States has 200 interest bearing banks.

1800 Benjamin Waterhouse at Harvard University introduces vaccination in Massachusetts. Epidemics began in this area as well couple of days after the first vaccinations.

1800 British sugar consumption reaches 160 million pounds per year.

1801 First widespread experimentation with vaccines begins.

1802 The British government gives Edward Jenner £10,000 for continued experimentation with "smallpox vaccine." The paradigm that vaccines provide "lifetime immunity" is abandoned, and the concept of "revaccination" is sanctioned. Repeated attempts in mutating DNA via vaccines in full effect .

1802 Peace of Aniens

1804 -- Jews were expelled from Villages in Russia

1805 Second War with Napoleon. England supports Austria, Russia, and Spain against France.

1805 Rockets introduced as weapons in Britain. Something is in practice lets not forget few millenniums back already in China .

1805 Morphine isolated by Sarturner.

1805 to 1881 -- Life of Auguste Blanqui, French socialist, founder of numerous secret societies modeled after Buonarroti.

1806 Napoleon defeats Prussia (Germany) at the battle at Jena, causing Prussia to realize that their defeat, they believed, was due to soldiers thinking only about themselves during time of stress in battle. Prussia then took the principles set forth by Rosseau and Locke and created a new three-tier educational system. The Prussian philosopher Fichte, in his Address to the German People, states that the children will be taken over and told what to think and how to think it.

1807 French abolish slave trade by law.

1807 England prohibits slave trade. But fails not to practice it none the less . As the student will notice or conclude if he/her bother to make some searching of their own all this nice sounding laws are voted for the exclusive reason to kill competition in a very lucrative business thus creating monopolies . For example the anti-terrorist laws of today . If a country is a terrorist state locally and internationally that will be the USA . But according to their laws any country dares to fight for her freedom against them then is branded as a terrorist state and then is under attack .

1807 Seige of Lavkada. Hydra revolts. Hydra pirates-revolutionaries. Sianabin's adjutant arrives at Psara. Sianavin takes Tenedos and defeats Seid Ali. Armistice between Russia and Turkey. Greeks are abandoned to the mad revenge of the Turks. Voulgaris returns to Hydra. Aegean is filled with pirates.

1808 -- Jews were expelled from Villages & Countrysides (Russia)
1809 Albert Pike born in Boston, Massachusetts.

1809 Massachusetts encourages its towns to make provision for the vaccination of inhabitants with cow pox vaccine.

1810 Hahnemann founds homeopathy.

1810 The London Medical Observer publishes particulars of "535 cases of smallpox after vaccination, 97 fatal cases of smallpox after vaccination and 150 cases of serious injury from vaccination, ten of whom were medical men." But no one mention the fact that vaccinations are a biological war against citizens sponsored by the NWO in their long term plan to depopulate earth to a size that can be easily controlled and brainwashed into one zombie religion of slaves .

1810 Krupp works open in Germany.

1811 Demise of the First National Bank.

1812 The War of 1812 with England. Treasury issues notes to finance war.

1812 Alfred Krupp, German arms manufacturer, born.

1812 Napoleon awards Legion of Honor to Benjamin Dellesert for discovering how to process the beet into sugar which replaces dependence on the sugar cane.

1812 France has mass planting of sugar beets and 500 refineries open. Over 8 million pounds of sugar are produced in one year. 
1812 Death rate from TB in New York 700:100,000. MANY DOCTORS of the time try to warn people not to vaccinate since that was the main cause of the TB but immediately have been discredited from the established drug companies and their promoters or meet with accidents that caused their deaths .

1814 Suspension of Gold and Silver payments.

1814 American Edward Everett goes to Prussia (Germany) to get his doctorate degree, returns to the United States and eventually becomes governor of Massachusetts.

1815 Income tax ends in England. Resumes in 1842. 
1815 -- Jews were expelled from L beck & Bremen

1815 -- Napoleon's Waterloo. Secret societies which eventually become the Decembrist Movement formed in Russian Masonic lodges.

1815 -- Jews were expelled from Franconia, Swabia & Bavaria
1814 Napoleon retires in defeat to Elba.

1815 Napoleon escapes from Elba, raises an army, but is defeated at Waterloo. Britain's power enormous world-wide.

1815 Holy Alliance formed. Pope, Austria, Russia, Prussia, and Spain to stamp-out democracy and individual rights. Britain refuses to join.

Britain refuses to abandon its main weapon, "world revolution", conducted under the color of liberty, in its war with its major competing "international power organism" the Vatican's Catholic Church (and to a lesser extent, the Czar's Orthodox Church).

Rothschilds and other "continental" Jewish Bankers rewarded for their financial services to the "Crown" with positions in "the City". Rothschilds helped the Elector of Hesse hide his enormous wealth from Napoleon. House of Hesse related/allied to House of Hanover.

The World Reign of the Crown - 1815-1946

1815 Final Britain-led and Bank of England financed victory over Napoleon creates new era called the "Concert of Europe" with Britain as the covert "Conductor".

1816 - Congress grants a 20-year charter to the Bank of the United States, a private central bank for this country. [The Constitution had granted to Congress the "power to coin money and regulate the value thereof." Thomas Jefferson had specifically warned the American people against turning this power to create money over to a private group that was unelected and not accountable to the public: "If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered."

1816 Britain passes an act which outlawed brewers from possession of sugar or molasses, since brewers had been adulterating their product with sugar.

1817 -- Suppression of the Lodge of Jupiter the Thunderer begins. Irish immigrants force entry into Tammany Society, changing its direction.

1817 Second National Bank established.

1818 -- Mar Shelley's "Frankenstein" published.

1819 -- American Independent Order of Odd Fellows founded. Founding of National Freemasonry, the most important of several Polish secret societies devoted to ousting the Russians from Poland. Liberation of Columbia by Bolivar.

1819 Prussian (German) law makes education compulsory. The Humboldt brothers, Stein and others divide German society into three distinct groups:

(1) those who will be policy makers who are taught to think ( .5 %),
(2) those who will be engineers, lawyers ,doctors who are taught to partially think (5.5%) and
(3) the children of the masses (94%), who were to learn obedience and how to follow orders. The school of the masses (volkschulen) divided whole ideas into subjects which did not exist previously .

The result was that people would

(1) think what someone else told them to think about,
(2) when to think it ,
(3) how long to think about it ,
(4) when to stop thinking about it, and
(5) when to think of something else. This way, no one in the masses would know anything that's really going on. (Although brilliant, the system is inherently negative in nature - it would lead eventually to German mind control paradigms in the late 19th and 20th century. The system also weakens or breaks the link between the child and the capacity to read (cross-assimilation creating whole ideas) by replacing the alphabet system of teaching reading with a system of teaching sounds, (breaking into smaller units). The same paradigm relative to reading is currently injected into US Society by the Peabody Foundation, who imposed a northern system of schooling on the US South between 1865 and 1918. The system in the northern US is the Prussian system. Over 48% of the soldiers in the American revolution against the British, on both the American and British sides, were Prussian (German) mercenaries. And what do you know , someone forget to stop this from been a reality , but perfected it so is also a reality in the 21st century for our American brothers and not only .
King George IV (1820-1830), of Hanover, assumes British Throne.

1820 -- Jews were expelled from Bremen

1821 : GREEK REVOLUTION against ottoman empire .

1821 - Georg W. F. Hegel formulates what is called the Hegelian dialectic - the process by which Illuminati objectives are achieved. According to the Hegelian dialectic, thesis plus antithesis equals synthesis. In other words, first you foment a crisis. Then there is an enormous public outcry that something must be done about the problem. So you offer a solution that brings about the changes you really wanted all along, but which people would have been unwilling to accept initially.

1822 -- Russian government suppresses Masonry. Equador liberated by Bolivar.

1822 The British government advances Edward Jenner another £20,000 for "smallpox vaccine" experimentation. Jenner suppresses reports which indicate his concept is causing more death than saving lives. What a nice way to call Biological war fare . Vaccine experimentation. Sounds good to the ear doesn’t it ? While you actively promote global genocide, look WHO killing Africa , to pretend that you are actually saving lives . And what better way to globally test your biological weapons than making vaccination forced by the law .

1822, for the next 30 years, a stream of Americans go to Prussia (Germany) and bring the educational system back to the United States.

1822 Treaty of Verona. "High Contracting Parties" of the Holy Alliance. Russia, Prussia, Austria, and Pope Pius VIIth of the Papal States of Italy (and now including France upon which the Holy Alliance had imposed a Bourbon Monarch by force) meet to ratify article Six of the Congress of Vienna that ended the Napoleonic Wars, Agreed to suppress popular government, Freedom of the Press, individual rights, etc. and to restore Monarchy wherever possible. Jesuits, recently reinstituted, to become covert agents in the plot.

1822 Greeks throw-off rule of the Turk with support of British, French, and Russians. 
1823 British recognize independence of South American Republics heavy blow to the Holy Alliance.

1823 Samuel Russell, second cousin to Skull & Bones founder William H. Russell, establishes Russell & Company. Its business was to acquire opium from Turkey and smuggle it into China, where it was prohibited, under the armed protection of the British. So any one yet figured out who the real drug dealers in today’s societies are controlled from and where their roots begin ? Any takers ?

1824 Justus von Leibig discovers properties of bitter almond (laetrile) and benzaldehyde.

1824 John Q. Adams elected president of the United States. Silicon discovered. Or should we say rediscovered .

1825 -- Decembrist movement suppressed in Russia after brief uprising. Bolivar liberates Bolivia. Founding of Vienna bank by Solomon Rothschild and Naples bank by Carl Rothschild.

1826 - William Morgan attempts to publish a book exposing the wrongdoing of the Masonic Lodges. While he is in the process of having his book printed, he mysteriously disappears. His body was found in Lake Ontario a year later.

1826 M. Taveau in France invents mercury amalgam fillings. Many people die from mercury poisoning in a slow death but none connect the two together for decades to come.

1826 Cholera epidemic begins in India. Did any one notice that all epidemics that eventually hid also Europe and America , all originate where the Bank of England and the East India Company , are operating under the armed protection of the British army ?

1827 Aluminum is discovered.

1828 -- Tammany Society backs Andrew Jackson for President. Anti-Masonic Party founded, first third-party in America. Attempted assassination of Bolivar.

1828 - Mayer Amschel Rothschild, who finances the Illuminati, expresses his utter contempt for national governments which attempt to regulate international bankers such as him: "Allow me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who writes the laws." [As Sir Josiah Stamp, president of the Bank of England in the 1920s, would remark years later: "Banking was conceived in iniquity and was born in sin. The bankers own the earth; take it away from them but leave them the power to create deposits, and with a flick of a pen they will create enough deposits to buy it back again."
1828 Radioactive element Thorium is discovered. Anti-Masonic party established.

1829 - British Illuminist Frances "Fanny" Wright gives a series of lectures in the United States. She announces that various subversives and revolutionaries are to be united in a movement that will be called "Communism." She explains that the movement is to be made more acceptable to the public by professing to support "equal opportunity" and "equal rights."

1829 Smithsonian Institution founded in Washington DC. With the solid purpose I may add to bury all inventions that can alter the monopoly it begins to form globally by the NWO on water control – energy – and food .

1829-1837 - While President Andrew Jackson is in office, there are attempts to continue and strengthen the hold of a central bank over the United States. President Jackson vigorously opposes these efforts. Jackson tells his adversaries: "You are a den of vipers! I intend to rout you out, and by the Eternal God I will rout you out. If the people only understood the rank injustice of our money and banking system, there would be a revolution before morning." In 1832, Jackson vetoes a bill to renew the charter of the Bank of the United States. In 1833, he removes government funds from the Bank of the United States.

1829 -- Alleged Illuminati meeting in New York decides to unite Atheists and Nihilists into Communist movement.

King William IV (1830-1837) starts reign with Second French Revolution which puts the British-linked Duke of Orleans on the throne.

1830 -- Anti-Masonic conventions in Massachusetts and Vermont find evidence linking Masonry with Illuminism.
Book of Mormon published. Weishaupt and Bolivar die.
1830 Adam Weishaupt dies.

1830 Russell & Company buys out the Perkins opium syndicate, which had created the wealth of the Cabot, Lowell, Higginson, Forbes, Cushing and Sturgis families. Russell makes Connecticut the primary center of the US opium racket. Massachusetts families (Coolidge, Sturgis, Forbes and Delano) joined Connecticut (Alsop) and New York (Low) trafficking families under the auspices of the Russell Company and the British.

1830 Export of nitrates from Chile begins.

1830 Britain imports 18,956 chests of opium to China. Opium becomes the largest commodity in world trade. Hm……… what do you know . Are you wake up yet ? Have you started frantically checking who is behind the drug trade and why the 50 billion war on drugs is failing and where the money go ? Figured out yet who’s killing your children or what ? Still asleep ?

Element Vanadium is discovered.

183l Struggle for reforms in England.

1831 Mazzini is exiled to France.

1831 George Hegel dies. German philosopher who gave rise to the Hegelian Dialectic: Thesis (create the crisis) Anti-thesis (Offer the Solution) which is the basis of globalist elite manipulation paradigms. The synthesis achieved becomes a symptomatic response instead of addressing the real cause (Govt). The World Order organizes and finances Jewish groups, anti-Jewish groups, Communist groups, anti-Communist groups, and other "opposing" social forces to create predetermined outcomes ensuring power maintenance.

1831 Cholera epidemic spreads from Russia to Central Europe.

1831 Smallpox epidemic in Württemberg, Germany, where 995 vaccinated people succumb to the disease. 100% death rate is achieved with the new vaccine . The problem is humans eventually and given the time develop immunity to the vaccines , something extremely frustrating for the eugenics society that does her best to exterminate them .

1831 In Marseilles, France, 2000 vaccinated people are stricken with smallpox and die .

1831 -- Anti-Masonic Party runs Wirt for President, assuring that Mason Andrew Jackson would be re-elected. Poe dismissed from West Point.

1832 The Skull & Bones is launched under the Russell pirate flag.

1832 Andrew Jackson re-elected. Vetos re charter of Bank of US. National debt of the US falls to zero.

1832 British Medical Association chartered. Impetus for forming AMA in U.S.

1832 Christian Hahnemann creates school of homeopathy.

1832 East India Company monopoly of opium trafficking expires.

1832 Jackson veto of re-charter of Second National Bank.

1833 British drop slave trade as unprofitable and issue Emancipation order. If you remember they have outlawed slavery way back . So how could now drop it as unprofitable ?

1833 -- Jackson orders U.S. funds withdrawn from Bank of the United States, effectively killing the institution.

1833 Mercury amalgam fillings introduced in NYC. Dentists rebelled. But soon after few deaths among them they kept quiet .

1834 Giuseppe Mazzini appointed as Illuminati director worldwide. Thomas Malthus dies.

1834 Mazzini appoints Albert Pike to head Illuminati operations in the US. Remember this name .

1834 Pope Leo 13th has the headquarters of the Knights of Malta moved to Rome.

1835 -- The socialist League of the Just founded in Paris, later becoming the Marxist Communist League. Attempted assassination of Jackson with two single shot pistols, both of which jammed. Revolver invented.

1835 First availability of powerful compound microscopes after the perfection of the achromatic objective lens between 1815 and 1830.

1836 Charter of the "Bank of the US" expires.

1836 Britain imports 30,000 chests of opium to China. In case you wonder from where the answer is very simple . From Turkey – Pakistan – Afghanistan . Ring any bells yet ?

1836 First recorded case of the use of psychiatry to suppress dissent in Russia.

1837 Crisis of 1837. All banks suspend specie payment. 600 banks fail. Banks that charge interest expanding rapidly. Ok any one knows where the banks that charge interest belong to ?

1837 J.P. Morgan born.

Queen Victoria (1837-l90l). of Hanover, assumes the British Throne.

1838 Smallpox epidemic in England.

1839 First War with China. British enforce their right to push opium from India in China. Invasion of Afghanistan by British removes Russian-allied regime.

1839 Chinese burn 3,000 tons of opium, to the relief of oversupplied British traders.

1839 John D. Rockefeller born.

1839 First time a disease is traced to a parasitic organism. (Schoenlein, fungal infection of scalp).

1840 Roughly 70% of citizens in the US have independent livelihoods. (See 1776).

1840 Baltimore Dental College graduates swore not to use mercury amalgam.

1840 Albert Pike builds a mansion in Arkansas where he designs plans for three world wars and three revolutions. Pike becomes Mazzini's superior.

1840 First Opium War in China, as Chinese protest British import of drugs.

1841 Clinton Roosevelt writes "The Science of Government Founded on Natural Law", outlining the Illuminati plans for the regimentation of mankind under the control of the "enlightened ones" and the destruction of the Constitution.

1842 Afghans revolt and remove British regime, British re-take Kabul.

1842 Treaty of Nan king brings Britain vast wealth and control over Hong Kong.

1842 Salt wells in Pennsylvania found to have oil. William Rockefeller exploits and begins buying up land in Pennsylvania.

1843 Port of Shanghai opened to foreign trade. The first lot in the port is rented by Britain’s Jardine Mathieson & Co. Other lots are rented by Samuel Russell, an American representing Baring Brothers. Captain Warren Delano (FDRs grandfather) becomes a member of the Canton Regatta Club, and enters into dealings with the Hong Society. Delano founds his fortune on opium trafficking into China, and later becomes the first vice chairman of the US Federal Reserve Board.

1844 Association of Medical Superintendents of American Institutions for the Insane founded. Eugenics now are also firmly into the American every day life free to implement their experiments and depopulation techniques as well mind control , with no opposition and under the cover of Institutions for the insane . American stores giving a half pound of sugar free with purchase of five dollars or more.

1844 -- Morse builds first practical telegraph. Bahai religion begins when the Bab proclaims his mission in Persia.

1848 -- Fall of monarchy in France. Republic established in Rome. Abdication of Ferdinand I in Austria. Revolts in Denmark, Ireland, Lombardy, Schleswig-Holstein and Venice. Germany briefly united in a parliament at Frankfort; unity destroyed by the King of Prussia. Marx and Engles publish the "Communist Manifesto" commissioned by the Illuminati and travel in France and Germany encouraging discontent with the Establishment.

Woman's Suffrage Movement gets underway in Seneca Falls, New York.

Spiritualism born in Wayne County, New York, when the teenaged Fox sisters communicate with poltergeists. Fortean tidbits: moon turns "blood-red" during total eclipse; a great comet fails to return at the time predicted; visions and "phantom soldiers" seen in the skies of France and Scotland; Captain M'Quahae of H.M.S. Daedalus reports seeing a "huge, unknown creature" in the ocean.

Gold discovered in California.

I845 British defeat Punjab (Sihk) up-rising in India.

1846 Corn laws repealed. Moneyed Aristocracy of "The City" victorious at the expense of the "landed" Nobility. Rothschild agent Disraeli pretends to support landed gentry in "Young England" movement. Assumes leadership of Tories in great betrayal.

1846 Nucleus of physicians in New York form the American Medical Association.

1846 Over 117,000 Chinese laborers brought to Western United States, feeding an imported opium trade estimated at 285,000 pounds per year into the US.

1846 Independent US Treasury established.

1846 Former slaves in Caribbean left to manage old sugar plantations - a situation that would last until sugar plantations would eventually be taken over by the United States.

1847 American Medical Association (AMA) organized in the US.

1848 - Moses Mordecai Marx Levy, alias Karl Marx, writes "The Communist Manifesto." Marx is a member of an Illuminati front organization called the League of the Just. He not only advocates economic and political changes; he advocates moral and spiritual changes as well. He believes the family should be abolished and that all children should be raised by a central authority. He expresses his attitude toward God by saying: "We must war against all prevailing ideas of religion, of the state, of country, of patriotism. The idea of God is the keynote of a perverted civilization. It must be destroyed." So what we have here . They failed to establish this in Russia despite all their best efforts but have established this in USA the land of the free and the brave with out any effort by simple brainwashing , and by telling every one we don’t take your freedoms away and dissolve families NO we are protecting you from terrorist acts .

1848 Rockefeller interests establish prime goal of control of US medical system.

1848 Immigration from Ireland to the United States. United States news media spread the word that "one third carried a copy of the Manifesto" in order to help enforce the spread of compulsory schooling for "native" Americans.

1848 California Gold Rush.

1848 Dr. Semmelweis at the University of Vienna Medical School cuts infant deaths by requiring doctors to wash their hands. Subsequently fired. Eugenics at work .

1848 Third French Revolution overturns Orleanist Monarch. Republic declared. Holy Alliance Thrones of Europe totter under assault revolutionary movements.

Chartist up-risings in England fail.

1849 Second revolt in Punjab defeated by British.

1849-1883 Karl Marx uses London as the staging point for promoting violent, utopian communist revolution. In England Marx has little effect. Instead, the Bismark copying Fabian Socialists are successful in seeding the ground for the modern welfare/warfare state.

1849 to 1936 -- Life of Sir Basil Zaharoff, "mystery man of Europe," who made a fortune as an armaments dealer and financier, selling weapons to both sides in World War I and other conflicts.

1849 William A Rockefeller indicted for raping a hired girl. William also bills himself as a "cancer specialist" and sells petroleum based products as elixir.

1850 Two states in the United States, Massachusetts and New York, create an active paradigm that says "the state is the father of children" and create laws to cause a social phasing out of "blood family" loyalty and a phasing in of "loyalty to state". The two states create adoption law. Did any of you readers know what you reading here ?

1850 Homeopathic college founded in Cleveland, Ohio.

1850 US prison population is 29:100,000 (Ratio 29 per 100,000). Cheap labor is not a new concept to governments

1850's Disraeli raises the "Secret Society Spectre". Mysterious ancient, secret societies are blamed for the British (Masonic) destabilization program against Holy Alliance in subtle disinformation campaign. Disraeli pushes "British Israel/Identity" concept with support of Queen Victoria. Postulates Jewish/British Alliance as representing the Biblical Israel.

1850 British physician reads a paper detailing microscopic examination of food products to the Botanical Society of London. The paper revealed that all food products examined in Britain were adulterated with foreign substances, including chemicals. Hearings periodically held for decades.

1850 Germany experiences a new scientific paradigm, psychophysics, which maintains that people are similar to complex machines. The paradigm further leads to that of experimental psychology in order to discover the nature of humans and how to program them. In Germany, Wundt is the primary proponent of these ideas. American elite begin to come to Germany to study the paradigm.

1851 Louis Napoleon overthrows the Republic and declares self Emperor Prime Minister Palmerston dismissed for overt support of Napoleon. France back in the Holy Alliance.

1852 Crimean War. England, France, and Turkey block Russian advance toward warm water port. Sardenia, under the leadership of the House of Savoy's Victor Emanuel joins the fight against Russia and is rewarded by being made King of Italy with the help of the British.

1852 -- Benjamin becomes first professed Jew elected to Congress.

1853 Cecil Rhodes born.

1853 Dr. Isaac Brown, a prominent British surgeon and president of the Medical Society of London, creates a surgical procedure to remove the clitoris from women on the grounds that "masturbation caused epilepsy and convulsive diseases." Oh yes I forget to mention that the medical association have been founded and financed from the Eugenic societies , that them self’s have been founded and financed by the KBZ or so called Jewish or Zionist . Put why believe me check the names of this people then and now .

1853 Smallpox epidemic in England.

1853 In England, the Compulsory Vaccination Act . From 1853 to 1860, vaccination reached 75% of the live births and more than 90% of the population. The death rate after this increase by 40% in infant deaths and 20% on the rest of the population .

1853 Chloroform first used as anesthetic in England.

1853 First use of hypodermic needle for subcutaneous injection.

1854 German watchmaker Heinrich Goebel invents first light bulb.

1855 Compulsory nature of Massachusetts vaccination statute firm, and a pre- condition for school admittance. Statutes created in the belief it would "protect children from smallpox." No comment I am tired repeating myself . Just a word of advice to people with children . Get educated.

1855 New Orleans Medical and Surgical Journal sports an editorial which declares that "masturbation is the destroying element of civilized society." Imagine that . What kind of twisted mind people could ever come to this conclusion ? And then imagine this also what stupid idiots as yourselves have aloud the same kind of brains calling the future on your children and your self’s , today .

1856 Second War With China. French and British open up additional trading privileges in China by force.

1855 Outbreak of cholera in England.

1856 Daniel Coit Gilman, Andrew White and Timothy Dwight set up the Yale Trust to finance the Skull & Bones organization at Yale University. White would become first president of Cornell University and US ambassador to Russia (1892) and US Ambassador to Germany (1897-1902). White advised Herbert Hoover to set up the Hoover Institution. Gilman trained John Dewey, who would help him dominate American education in the 20th century. Gilman also trained Richard Ely, who in turn trained Woodrow Wilson (who gave the Federal Reserve System to the United States, the income tax and WWI.) All three of the men who set up the Yale Trust were educated at the University of Berlin, where they were indoctrinated with Hegelian Determinism, which states that everyone must be controlled to achieve predetermined goals.

1856 John Stuart Mill (On Liberty) becomes secretary of the East India Company. A disciple of Mill, David Ricardo, originated the Theory of Rents. His descendant, Rita Ricardo, married to Wesley Campbell (head of the Hoover Institution) would advise President Ronald Reagan on Social Security.

1857 Vaccination in England enforced by fines. Smallpox epidemic begins in England that lasts until 1859. Number of death is more than 100.000 but in a cover up mode the medical professionals at the orders of their masters have declared 90% of the deaths to something else .

1858 Second Opium War lasts until 1860 in China. British establish Hong Kong and Shanghai corporations to act as clearinghouse for drug transactions.

1858 England experiences a 7 year epidemic of Pertussis (ending in 1865) in which 120,000 die. Again due to forced vaccinations of populations chosen as always by the Eugenic organizations .

1858 Indian Mutiny suppressed. East India Company relieved of its governing role in India. Victoria made Sovereign of India.

1859 Fear of French Invasion leads to formation of large bodies of volunteers.

1859 -- Oil wells invented.

Stampede into the oil fields of Pennsylvania. Property prices skyrocket and the Rockefellers begin to make their fortune in oil.

Darwin’s Origin of the Species is published.

1860 British and French lay siege to Beijing and burn temples and shrines. Treaty of Tientsin allows Britain control of 7/8 of China trade.

1860 Introduction of antibiotics and immunization into the US. (Thru 1896).

1860 British import 58,681 chests of opium to China.

1860 United States Government begins a 30 year period of genocide against native American Indians in order to acquire land. Hundreds of thousands of people are rounded up, killed, or relocated to outdoor concentration camps (reservations). Hello land of the free and the brave . Be proud . You are with no exception a nation with ancestors that in any sane persons mind are nothing but murderers of women and children. Lets see who’s behind all this shall we ?

1860 Encyclopedia Britannica (8th Edition) states "nothing is more likely to prove hurtful to the cause of vaccination and render the public careless of securing to themselves its benefits, than the belief that they would require to submit to re-vaccination every 10 to 15 years". Later, in the 11th edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica, the policy would change: "it is desirable that vaccination should be repeated at the age of 7 to 10 years, and thereafter at intervals during life".

1860 Abraham Lincoln elected as President of the United States.

1860 Senate Report on Crime in Washington DC.

1860 Electric storage battery invented and Cesium is discovered.

1860 Food and Drug Act in England established.

1860s -- Attempts to suppress the Mafia in Sicily are unsuccessful.

1861 American Civil War. British and Holy Alliance instigated sectional, tariff, and slavery conflict cause war. 500,000 put out of work in British cotton mills.

Holy Alliance installs Maximillian in Mexico with French troops.

Britain officially neutral. Rothschilds leads Holy Alliance to believe Britain supports the South. Britain allows the defeat of Holy Alliance supported South and Maximillian.

1861 -- Confederate states secede; elect Jefferson Davis president; Benjamin appointed Confederate Attorney General, later Secretary of War. Emancipation of serfs in Russia. Jacolliot writes about the Nine Unknown in Calcutta.

1861 US Civil War begins. Morgan’s, Armours and Vanderbilts make a fortune from the conflict. Gatling gun patented.

1861 Bank Panic . Banks refuse to loan US money.

1861 United States introduces passport system. The first step to register the population and begin the final act who will bring eventually the N.W.O.

1862 Act of 1862 authorizes the issuance of 150 million in legal tender US notes, later known as "Lincoln Greenbacks". Other issuances in 1862 and 1863 amount to a total of 450 million. Bankers receive no interest from this and plot revenge. An article in the London Times advises that the US government must be destroyed lest it become prosperous beyond precedent.

1862 Abraham Lincoln outlaws the trade in Chinese coolies (laborer/slaves).

1862 -- Benjamin appointed Confederate Secretary of State.

1863 -- Rockfeller builds his first refinery.

1863 Gatling gun invented.

1863 National Banking Act passed by British sympathizers, authorizing a private corporation to issue US money. Protested by Lincoln. Currency issued by depositing "government bonds" with the US Treasury. Bonds are secured by a first lien on all physical property within the nation and a first lien on national income. GOOD american patriots . Never cease to amaze me .

1863 Congress taxes private banknotes out of existence.

1863 National Academy of Sciences founded in Washington DC.

1863 Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation frees 3 million slaves in the US.

1863 Second major epidemic of smallpox in England lasts until 1865. 20,000 die.

1864 The Long Walk of the Navajos. Translation the Navajos genocide in is final stages .

1864 Bismark's "Blood and Iron" program launched to unify Germany under Prussian auspices and financed by Rothschild connected Bliechschroeders.

1864 Pasteur invents pasteurization process for wine.

1864 Dozens of oil refineries spring up in Cleveland, Ohio.

1864 British opium trafficking produces £20 million from China in 1864.

1865 George Peabody (Rothschild’s) conceives of "tax exempt charitable foundation".

1865 United States Military Railroad set up by banks and railroads.

1865 Union stockyards open in Chicago.

1865 Lincoln assassinated. I wonder why ? Didn’t play the game of his masters as ordered or ……………….?

1865 Maxwell’s Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism published.

1865 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) founded.

1865 -- Andrew Johnson becomes president; "Booth" killed; coded message found among his effects; the code key later found in possession of Benjamin, alleged Rothschild agent. Civil War ends. Thirteenth amendment abolishes slavery.

1866 -- Ku Klux Klan founded as a social club in Pulaski, Tennessee. Benjamin flees to England.

Death of Phineas Quimby, magnetic healer, founder of Free Thought movement, teacher of Mary Baker Eddy.

1866 "Black Friday" on London Stock Exchange.

1866 Alfred Nobel invents dynamite and Whitehead invents torpedo.

1867 Vaccination Act of 1867 in England begins to elicit protest from the population and increase in the number of anti-vaccination groups. It compelled the vaccination of a baby within the first 90 days of its life. Those who objected would be continually badgered by magistrates and fined until the child turned 14. The law was passed on the assurance of medical officials that smallpox vaccinations were safe.

1867 Joseph Lister introduces sanitation into surgery, over the objections of leading English surgeons. Doesn’t any one wonder why this people was commissioned by the rulers as the decision makers in the medical profession and second why they objected and actually had laws prohibiting what was known practice thousands of years before their time ?
1867 Nonpayment of fines for skipping smallpox vaccination result in harsh penalties.

1867 -- Ku Klux Klan reorganized along political and racial lines near Nashville, Tennessee.

1868 -- Assassination of Thomas D'Arcy McGee, first Canadian political assassination.

1868 The National Academy of Science is set up by an act of Congress.

1869 Conference of the British Medical Association devotes its surgery discussions to an attack on antiseptic theory and the work of Lister.

1869 Transcontinental railroad completed in the United States.

1869 -- St. Germain allegedly completes 85 years in the Himalayas after his "death." Mendeleev composes first periodic table of the elements in Russia. U.S. transcontinental railroad completed.

Jan. 22, 1870 - In a letter to Italian revolutionary leader Giuseppe Mazzini, Albert Pike - Sovereign Grand Commander of the Southern Jurisdiction of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry - announces the establishment of a secret society within a secret society: "We must allow all of the federations to continue just as they are, with their systems, their central authorities and their diverse modes of correspondence between high grades of the same rite, organized as they are at present, but we must create a super rite, which will remain unknown, to which we will call those Masons of high degree of whom we shall select. With regard to our brothers in Masonry, these men must be pledges to the strictest secrecy. Through this supreme rite, we will govern all Freemasonry which will become the one international center, the more powerful because its direction will be unknown." This ultra-secret organization is called The New and Reformed Paladian Rite.

1870 Standard Oil Company is incorporated.

1870 Amygdaline (Laetrile) is listed in the US Pharmacopoeia of 1870. (The FDA Grandfather Clause prevents the FDA from claiming jurisdiction. Upheld by US Court of Appeals, 4th District, #71-1243, May 23, 1972.)

1870 Third major smallpox epidemic in England begins and lasts until 1872. Over 44,800 dies. What records fail to show is the fact that all epidemics happen immediately after mass vaccination , and always this forced mass vaccinations are done in native populations where immediately after the mass murder or controlled genocide occurs new population mainly Khazars appear to repopulate the area and become the legal owners of the properties left behind by the dead people . Another fact is never mentioned is the real number of the deaths occurring from the so called vaccinations . We know by now that biological warfare is not a modern invention don’t we ?

1870 - John Ruskin is named Professor of Fine Arts at Oxford University in England. He teaches his students that the government should take control of all means of production and distribution, and he is prepared to place control of the government in the hands of a single man: "My continual aim has been to show the eternal superiority of some men to others, sometimes even of one man to all others." EUGENICS schoolar

1870 Bismark defeats Napoleon III in Franco-Prussian War. Britain does not intervene. France loses remnant of independent power, becomes abject "little partner" of Britain. British puppet Victor Emanuel seizes Papal States, making the Pope a virtual prisoner in the Vatican. Holy Alliance in shambles.

1871 Russia breaks previous agreements limiting Black Sea Fleet.

1871 - Albert Pike publishes his 861-page book "Morals and Dogma", intended only for Masonic eyes. He indicates that those in the lower ranks of Masonry are deliberately deceived by their superiors: "The Blue degrees [the first three degrees of the 32] are but the outer court or portico of the Temple. Part of the symbols are displayed there to the Initiate, but he is intentionally misled by false interpretations. It is not intended that he shall understand them; but it is intended that he shall imagine that he shall understand them. Their true explication is reserved for the Adepts, the Princes of Masonry." This is why about 95% of the men involved in Masonry don't have a clue as to what the objectives of the organization actually are. They are under the delusion that it's just a fine community organization doing good works.

1871 Franco-Prussian war begins.

1871 In Birmingham, England from 1871 to 1874, there were 7,706 cases of smallpox. Out of these, 6,795 had been vaccinated. What do you know . All cases who havent been vaccinated survived .

1871 In Bavaria, Germany, vaccination is compulsory and re-vaccination is commonplace. Out of 30,472 cases of smallpox, 29,429 had been vaccinated. Simple common sense and math’s will show that if no vaccination should ever occurred then even the 1043 infections would have never occurred , and most likely was the byproduct of the infected by vaccines victims .Worldwide epidemic of smallpox begins. Claims 8 million people worldwide. Again the failure to mention the good GOD fearing Jesuits that been supplied with the vaccines and administered it to all the poor people trusting them . Global biological war fare .

1871 Albert Pike writes a letter on Aug 15, 1871 (until recently on display in the British museum) to Mazzini detailing the Luciferian plan for world conquest, outlining plans for three world wars, and detailing the destruction of both Christianity and atheism.

1871 Bulwer-Lytton writes Vril: The Power of the Coming Race, containing racial theory that would later figure in Nazi Germany. Protege of Lytton was Aleister Crowley, of Englands equivalent to the "Thule Group", tutor to Aldus Huxley, future prophet of mind control, who would later introduce hallucinogens into American culture.

1871 Select committee of the Privy Council convened to inquire into the Vaccination Act of 1867 (England), as 97.5% of the people who died from smallpox were vaccinated for it. Now children what kind of government that has good intentions will by law force this on is people in full knowledge that it kill them and MOST IMPORTANT WHY ?
1872 Mazzini dies.

1872 Japan institutes compulsory smallpox vaccination. Within 20 years 165,000 smallpox cases manifest themselves. No shit .

1872 Horace Greeley writes about the "National" Bank Act, saying "by our money system we have nationalized a system of oppression not less cruel than the old system of chattel slavery."

1872 In England, 87% of infants are vaccinated for smallpox. Over 19,000 die in England and Wales. (See 1925).

1872 Rio Tinto Zinc company founded by Hugh Matheson with his uncles profits from opium trafficking and help from Schroder Bank in Germany, who would later fund Adolph Hitler in 1931.

1873 Banking panic of 1873.

1873 Silver demonetized in America. British Gold Standard sweeps world.
1874 Civil marriage made compulsory in Germany.

1875 - Russian occultist Helena Petrovna Blavatsky founds the Theosophical Society. Madame Blavatsky claims that Tibetan holy men in the Himalayas, whom she refers to as the Masters of Wisdom, communicated with her in London by telepathy. She insists that the Christians have it all backwards - that Satan is good and God is evil. She writes: "The Christians and scientists must be made to respect their Indian betters. The Wisdom of India, her philosophy and achievement, must be made known in Europe and America."

1875 Public Health Act of 1875 in England promotes sanitary conditions.

1875 Official government statistics estimate 120,000 Americans addicted to opium.

1875 United States immigration excludes "coolies, convicts and prostitutes" as undesirable aliens.

1875 Blavatsky founds the Theosophical Society.

1875 -- "Whiskey Ring" conspiracy of distillery owners revealed. Mary Baker Eddy's "Science and Health" published.

1875 to 1947 -- Life of Aleister Crowley, the Great Beast, Golden Dawn leader and occult figure.

1876 -- Disraeli again warns about dangers of secret societies. Battle of the Little Big Horn. Bell patents telephone. Otto builds four-cycle gasoline engine.

1876 Deutsche Reich bank opens in Germany.

1876 Koch discovers anthrax bacillus.
1877 Standard Oil Company incorporated and gains national ascendancy into the oil market. Cecil Rhodes writes the first of seven wills.

1877 -- First of seven wills in which Cecil Rhodes leaves his money to establish a secret society to expand British rule throughout the world.

1877 Russo-Turkish War. Turkey viciously crushes a Christian revolt in the Balkans. Russians invade Turkey. Britain's fleet checks Russian drive for a warm water port.

1878 Treaty of Berlin limits Russian gains at British insistence, British take Cyprus to prevent further Russian advance. British invade Afghanistan to again prevent Russian advance toward India.
1878 to 1945 -- Life of Edgar Cayce, visionary, trance-channeler who spoke of reincarnation, Egyptian mysteries, and Atlantis.
1878 Louis Pasteur tells his family never to show anyone his lab notebooks. His last surviving grandson donated the documents to the Bibiotheque Nationale in Paris in 1964. Later, historians would begin to examine Pasteurs notes and would find evidence of potential scientific misconduct and a large degree of dubious human experimentation. (See 1993 Gerald Geison).
1879 Zulus defeated in South Africa. British and French take Egypt on collapse of Turkey's power.
1879 Gold Standard reinstated in the United States.

1880 Beginning of a 20 year period where elite American students of Wundt in Germany return and become heads of psychology departments at Harvard, University of Pennsylvania, Cornell and all major universities and colleges. Wundt trains James Cattell, who returns to the US and trains over 300 in the Wundtian system which, with help from the Carnegie and Rockefeller foundations, eventually assume control of psychological testing in the United States for all the soldiers of the First World War.

1880 In Denmark citizens consume 29 pounds of sugar each annually.

1880 Recorded death rate from diabetes in Denmark is 1.8 per 100,000. No shit I wonder why ?

1880 Britain import 105,508 chests of opium into China. Again

1880 Smallpox vaccinations start in the United States. Yes people check how many they die from it and most important what nationalities been targeted this time .

1880 Sweden consumption of refined sugar 12 pounds per person annually. No recorded death here but very easily can figured out .

1881 -- Garfield assassinated. Czar Alexander II assassinated by secret society.

Disraeli publishes "Lothair," a novel about secret societies and European politics.

1882 United States immigration adds "lunatics and idiots" to exclusion list. What is never mentioned is that this organization is been run by the Eugenic organizations as well the Institutes for the insane well before they become official organizations in US .

1882 Koch isolates the TB Bacillus. TB death rate 370:100,000.

1882 Standard Oil Company incorporated in New Jersey as a Trust, which absorbs all other oil companies. Standard owned by railroad in N. Carolina.

1883 Karl Marx dies.

1883 Galton introduces the term "eugenics" to describe his ideas and proposes practices of racial superiority and sterilization.

1883 Lenin forms the first Russian Marxist group in Switzerland.

1883 Czar in Russia invites Nobel brothers and Rothschild’s to help develop oil riches in Baku area in Russia. I wonder what went wrong here .

1884 -- Fabian Society founded in London by Sidney and Beatrice Webb and others.

1884 - The Fabian Society is founded to promote Socialism. The Fabian Society takes its name from the Roman General Fabius Maximus, who fought Hannibal's army in small debilitating skirmishes, rather than attempting one decisive battle.

1884 In England, Dr. Charles Creighton is asked to write an article for the Encyclopedia Britannica on vaccination. After much research internationally, he concludes that vaccination constituted "a gross superstition". Later, Creighton writes two books, "Cowpox and Vaccinal Syphilis" and "Jenner and Vaccination".

1884 In England, more than 17000 children vaccinated for smallpox die of syphilis. Imagine that !!!!!!!!!

1884 Fabian Society founded in London by Sidney and Beatrice Webb.

1884 Dr. Sobatta of the German Army reports on the results of vaccination to the German Vaccination Commission, which subsequently publishes data proving that re-vaccination does not work. Deaths from vaccination are routinely covered up by physicians.
1885 Egyptian revolt of the "Mahdi" finally crushed by Lord Kitchener.

1885 -- First practical horseless carriage built by Daimler.

1885 Modified Great Seal of the United States adopted by Congress.

1885 Rothschild monetary power reaches point of world control. Amschel Rothschild dies.

1885 German eugenicist Dr. Alfred Ploetz publishes "The Excellence of Our Race and the Protection of the Weak" in which he states that humanitarianism which fosters the protection of weaker members threatens the quality of the race. Solution eliminate the weak . Note : I advice the reader to make a connection here from all this he is reading . All the names I highlight have been searched by our team in the sense of their blood lines and we have found all to belong to one race . Why don’t you also make your own search in the bloodlines and draw your own conclusions , or better put realize how you been sucked into submission from this people ?

1885 General vaccination program against rabies begins in the United States.

1886 First oil tanker built.

1886 A seven year period begins in Japan where 25,474,370 vaccinations and re-vaccinations are performed in Japan, representing 66% of the entire population of Japan. During that period, there are 165,774 cases of smallpox with 28,979 deaths. (See 1955). The real number is well over 3 million . One of the bigger cover ups in modern history . The number would have been much higher since the death rate from vaccination in Europe and USA was 80% on the long term . What saved them was that traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine was used by the families of the victims , to cure them from the vaccine effects.

1887 -- Golden Dawn founded in London by Mathers and others. Michaelson-Morley experiments done to try to disprove Etheric Theory. Morley experiement disproving ether theory.

1887 Dr. M. W. Barr, president of the "American Assn for the Study of Feebleness" strongly advocates sterilization.

1887 New York doctor Ephraim Cutter publishes a book on cancer and the diet.

1887 In England, Dr. Edgar M. Crookshank, professor of pathology and bacteriology at Kings College, is asked by the British government to investigate the cowpox outbreak in Wiltshire. The result of the investigation was contained in two volumes of "The History and Pathology of Vaccination", in which he states that "the credit given to vaccination belongs to sanitation. Translation . Vaccination started the epidemic and sanitation that laws and full scale wars started against it from the government cured it .

1888 Standard Oil operates first foreign operation, called Anglo-American Oil Company, Ltd.

1888 Tesla invents electric motor with Westinghouse manufacturing.

1888 Cecil Rhodes creates De Beers mines in South Africa.

1888 Bacteriological Institute opens in Paris for experimentation with animals and production of vaccines and sera. Other institutes open around the world modeled after the Paris Institute. The alteration of human DNA with the use of forced vaccinations. A global mutation of the human race on global scale is well underway . Target to destroy the immune system of humans and make them depended on chemical drugs to stay alive . This way who ever has the control of the drugs has also global control of the populations . NWO at all his glory.

1888 Bacteriological Institute in Odessa, Russia tries its hand at a vaccine for anthrax. Over 4500 sheep are vaccinated; 3700 of them die from the vaccination.

1888 Russia overtakes the United States in production of crude oil. Russia kerosene takes 30% of the British market.

1888 -- Unsolved murders of London prostitutes by "Jack the Ripper," suspected of being one of those implicated in the Cleveland Street Affair involving high-society Victorians and their patronage of a brothel staffed by messenger boys.

1889 -- Second Communist International organized and sponsored by the international Zionist Congress.

1889 In England, a royal commission is appointed to inquire into certain aspects of the vaccination question. The committee would be in session for 7 years and would issue 6 reports, with the final report in 1896. The result of the final report was the Vaccination Act of 1898.

1889 Albert Pike issues a theological dogma to the 23 Supreme Councils of the world stating that "Lucifer and Adonay are both God".

1889 Standard Oil production operations in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana.

1889 Most of Britain's food production becomes industrialized.

July 14, 1889 - Albert Pike issues instructions to the 23 Supreme Councils of the world. He reveals who is the true object of Masonic worship: "To you, Sovereign Grand Instructors General, we say this, that you may repeat it to the Brethren of the 32nd, 31st and 30th degrees: The Masonic religion should be, by all of us initiates of the high degrees, maintained in the purity of the Luciferian doctrine."

1890-1896 - Cecil Rhodes, an enthusiastic student of John Ruskin, is Prime Minister of South Africa, a British colony at the time. He is able to exploit and control the gold and diamond wealth of South Africa. He works to bring all the habitable portions of the world under the domination of a ruling elite. To that end, he uses a portion of his vast wealth to establish the famous Rhodes Scholarships.

1890 Cecil Rhodes becomes Prime Minister of Cape Colony in Africa, exploiting the diamond and gold fields of Africa, and took control of Parliamentary seats of England and Africa. With financial support from Lord Rothschild, he was able to monopolize De Beers Consolidated Mines. Founded Rhodes Scholarships at Oxford.

1890 Standard Oil purchases Deutsch-Amerikanische Petroleum-Gesellschaft.

1890 US Depression of 1890 created by International Bankers. The first message in raw form that the country belongs to the ones financed and performed the genocide of the native Americans and not the idiots who believed the country was theirs . A clear message that America is a colony .

1890 Sherman Silver Purchase Act.

1890 Andrew Carnegie writes a series of eleven essays called "The Gospel of Wealth", a treatise which essentially stated that free enterprise and capitalism no longer existed in the United States, because he and Rockefeller owned everything, including the government, and that competition was impossible unless they allowed it. Eventually, says Carnegie, the young children will become aware of this and form clandestine organizations to fight against it. Carnegie proposes that men of wealth form a synthetic free enterprise system based on cradle-to-grave schooling. The people who advanced through schooling would be given licenses to lead profitable lives. All licenses are tied to forms of schooling. This way, the entire economy can be controlled and people have a motivation for them to learn what you want them to learn. It also places the minds of all children in the hands of a few social engineers
1890 Emil vin Behring announces discovery of anti-toxins.

1890 -- Biologist Yersin visits India, purportedly to receive plague and cholera serum from the Nine Unknown.

Wounded Knee massacre.

1890's Britain begins to fear growing power of collectivist-militarist Germany and her demands on world trade and Empire. South African gold and diamond magnate, Cecuk Rhodes, forms "Round Table" conspiracy to renew idealistic support for "British Imperialism". Americans embark on Imperialism guided by Britain. McKinley/Theodore Roosevelt take Cuba and Philippines from Catholic Spain.

1891 -- Rhodes gains control of 90% of world's diamond supply. The Round Tables, a secret society allegedly funded by Rhodes and the Rothschilds to gain financial and political power, founded in the U.S., Canada, Australia, India, South Africa and New Zealand. Rockefeller grant founds University of Chicago. Nikola Tesla invents Tesla coil, becomes U.S. citizen.

Feb. 5, 1891 - Rhodes joins his group from Oxford with a similar group from Cambridge headed by ardent social reformer William Stead. Rhodes and Stead are members of the inner "Circle of Initiates" of the secret society which they found. There is also an outer circle known as the "Association of Helpers."

1891 - Madame Blavatsky dies. The mantle of leadership for the worldwide theosophical movement falls to Annie Besant, a militant feminist and a member of the Fabian Socialist Society of England. She enthusiastically joins in revolutionary street riots and pens numerous volumes of occultic writings to add to those of Blavatsky.

1891 Cecil Rhodes group joins with Cambridge group led by William Stead to form a secret society round table group. Rhodes gains control of 90% of the world diamond supply. The Round Table group is founded.

1891 Nikola Tesla invents the Tesla Coil and becomes a US citizen.

1891 Wireless telegraphy begins in the United States.

1892 -- Rockefeller trust transferred to holding company: Standard Oil of New Jersey.

1892 Gustave Le Bon writes "The Evolution of Matter", detailing the use of ordinary non-radioactive elements to create nuclear reactions. Heavily suppressed data not permitted in the public domain.

1892 Cholera epidemic in Hamburg, Germany. Threat of importation into the US forced the establishment of the New York City Health Department division of Pathology, Bacteriology and Disinfection.

1892 Rockefeller Trust transferred to holding company, Standard Oil of New Jersey.

1893 -- Assassination of Chicago Mayor Harrison.

1893 - The Theosophical Society sponsors a Parliament of World Religions held in Chicago. The purpose of the convention is to introduce Hindu and Buddhist concepts, such as belief in reincarnation, to the West.

1893 Standard Oil establishes resident agents in the Far East.

1892 America takes the lead in world wide sugar consumption, surpassing the British. Sugar consumption would double again by 1920.

1893 Banking panic of 1893. Second warning as to who is boss .

1893 Tesla works on building remote controlled devices using radio waves.
1893 German Dr. Julius Hensel states that processed flour is devoid of nutrients.

1893 Johns Hopkins Medical School established. HQ of German Allopathic Medicine.
1894 Bataille writes that Gallatin Mackey, a top Illuminist, showed him what amounts to wireless telegraphy, decades before Marconi, stating that units also existed in Charleston, Rome, Berlin, Washington and Naples. It was discovery of this secret that enabled understanding of how seemingly unrelated "incidents" took place simultaneously around the world which aggravated "situations" that developed into wars or revolutions.

1894 -- Assassination of President Carnot of France.

1894 Superintendent of a home for the” feeble-minded" in Kansas castrates 58 children before public revulsion forces him to stop. You guess it Eugenics at work . But this practice never stopped just haven’t been make public again .

1895 Standard Oil achieves a fleet of ocean-going ships.

1895 Lenin, Trotsky and others form the Social Democratic Labor Party. And what you know none is Russian all are so called Jews .

1895 Diphtheria vaccination program begins. Over the period lasting until 1907, 63,249 cases of diphtheria were treated with anti-toxin. Over 8,900 died, giving a fatality rate of 14%. Over the same period, 11,716 cases were not treated with anti-toxin, of which 703 died, giving a fatality rate of 6%.

1895 Rothschild’s control 95% of United States military railways. NO SHIT

1895 Who’s Who mentions J.P. Morgan as owning 50,000 miles of US railways.

1895 A fire burns down Tesla's lab, destroying plans for VTOL aircraft and rocket engines.
1895 Marconi "invents" radio telegraphy.

1896 Jameson Raid in South Africa. Cecil Rhodes attempts to foment a British up-rising against the Boers in South Africa. Germany threatens to support the Boers.

1896 -- Maconi's patent No. 7777 for radio. First "flap year" for UFOs: wave of sightings of unidentified airships in U.S.

1897 -- Assassination of Premier Canovas of Spain.

Zionism founded in Basil, Switzerland by Theodore Herzl.

1896 Marconi patents "the first radio". Patent #7777.

1896 First "UFO" flap in the United States. WHAT A COINCIDENSE .See 1895

1896 Carlo Ruta, a professor at the University of Perugia in Italy, states that "vaccination is a world-wide delusion and an unscientific practice, with consequences measured today with tears and sorrow without end." Another brave soul who dares to speak and assassinated from NWO .

1896 Oil is discovered in the American West.

1896 Standard Oil begins to form worldwide subsidiaries as trustees.

1897 AMA formally incorporated, paying $3 fee to State of Illinois.

1897 Chloride of lime first used to sterilize drinking water. The poisoning of drinking water and vegetation begins in an organized manner .

1897 Tesla publishes his dynamic theory of gravity.

1897 Freud writes that "masturbation is the prime habit and addiction which is replaced by addiction to alcohol, morphine and tobacco", Freud neglects to mention is his own further addiction to sugar and cocaine, leading one to assume Freud was eternally high and sexually frustrated, and that this was projected to form the sexually dependent theories taken up later by psychiatry. But bullshiters only can follow a bigger BS than them selfs

1898 Cecil Rhodes amasses fortune in gold and diamonds in South Africa.

1898 Eugenic sterilization bill is unsuccessfully introduced into the legislature in Michigan, providing for the castration of all inmates of the Michigan Home for the Feebleminded and Epileptic. But never stop them since day one they stepped into the country to apply it as standard practice , to all inmates and not .

1898 Rockefeller interests prime goal of control of medical education in USA.

1898 Tesla produces a vibrational device capable of causing earthquakes, a tiny electromechanical oscillator.

1898 Vaccination Act of 1898 in England. Elections held for the "board of guardians", the administrators of the vaccination laws, and by 1898 over 600 boards in England were pledged not to enforce the law. The Act of 1898 contained the first "conscience clause", although no claims of conscience were ever approved by magistrates.

1898 Marie Curie discovers radium.

1898 J.R. Ewald, professor of physiology at Strasbourg University in Germany experiments using brain electrode implants. Digital Angels grand father .

1898 Warren Bechtel moves to California to seek his fortune, beginning with a mule team hauling dirt for small construction projects.

1898 Theodore Roosevelt and the Kaiser in Germany contemplate an alliance between the three Nordic powers: Britain, Germany and the United States.

1898 Tesla builds robotic devices and states that he shall demonstrate a device which, when left to itself, will "act as though possessed of reason and without any willful control from the outside." Tesla had already built a coil which produced 4 million volts, but wanted to go higher to make it possible for transmissions on a global scale. Tesla patent #613,809 filed for remote radio control of guided missiles.

1898 -- Assassination of Empress Elizabeth of Austria.

Pavlov begins study of conditioned reflex in dogs.

1899 British defeat Boers in Boer War. Boers armed by Germany.

Milner's Kindergarten reconstructs South Africa with diamond/gold monopoly securely in British control Diplomacy yields Boer support for Britain in future conflicts with Germany.

1899 1924 Dr. George Simmons dominates the American Medical Association.

1899 Tesla discovers terrestrial stationary waves which can produce electricity, and also reports receiving signals from space.

1899 Meeting in London where the Warburg’s, Morgan’s and Rothschild’s become affiliated.

1899 Tesla's Colorado Springs experiments with high voltage power systems. His notes, translated into English, do not appear until 1978.

1889 Castration of children at the Pennsylvania Training School for Feebleminded Children.

1890 Plans to destroy the one room school and its capacity to produce thinkers and independent people begins in the US.
1900 By 1900, all PhD's in the United States were trained in Prussia (Germany). The degree is a German invention. These German educated men would become presidents of American Universities, heads of research facilities (both corporate and government).

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